GORIKI KOGYO supports five major business activities, and pursues its corporate mission to innovate, and perfect the function of its products.We try to utilize these services in all aspects of our enterprises.

Our company products not only follow the laws set aside for all manufacturers of beauty and cosmetic products, but also abide by specific regulations on production, manufacturing, and distribution, stipulated by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. The use of our patented production unit guarantees that the entire product has been safely and sanitarily manufactured. In fact, our product was one of the few that was named "Most Outstanding Commodity" by the Japanese Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises for its superior level of safety, sanitation, and cost efficiency.Our Bob Pin line especially has been recognized as being a better, safer alternative to the conventional pins with its special rust-free coating and round-tip edges.

We offer products of great variety and versatility to help in the creation of today's many hairstyles and hair designs. We manufacture these products in a full array of sizes, as well as our company's original PAT styles. We also create our products using a wide variety of materials according to the different settings in which they will be put to use.For practice, nursing, and professional uses, we manufacture our pins with High Carbon Steel Wire Rods, Brass Plating High Carbon Steel Wire Rods, and Stainless Steel Wires for springs, using our company's original production method of metal-line lengthening techniques.

The rounded edges on our Bob Pins provide for a safer and a more sanitary hair accessory. Unlike other manufacturers that use chemical substances that may be harmful to the human skin, we seek to use natural alternatives(i.e. plant resins,etc.)to add smoothness and softness to the product's texture.

Our patented high-temperature coatings that we apply on our products have been tested to resist rusting remarkably well compared to the tempered steel color products offered by other manufacturers. Our products have been tested and have proven to resist not only water and sweat, but also hair care products(i.e.hairspray, and mousse)which often cause the rusting of hair accessories. We also offer a wide array of colors which are used to coat the products.